There’s a reason people dread meetings. They don’t want to sit passively, absorbing information for hours on end. They want to be engaged, and they want to collaborate. They can’t stand having their time wasted.


Banish meeting dread with the out-of-the-box team-builder. Defrost Kit’s set of fun, easy-to-follow activities boosts camaraderie, knocks groups out of passive mode, and strengthens communication between meeting-goers.  From there, real collaboration can happen.

A metal box that has the words defrost kit over a set of picture cards

What is Defrost Kit?

Defrost Kit is a professionally designed set of group activities that use colorful, thought-provoking cards to energize meetings and bring participants together. The DIY kit is designed to build personal bonds, communication, and boost camaraderie. Meeting organizers can integrate the activities into a meeting agenda to aid in topic discussions and problem solving or use it to debrief the meeting.




Each Defrost Kit contains more than 15 activities, including...

  • Challenges: Learn from other group members how they've overcome adversity
  • Accomplishments: Try to share your personal and professional achievements without bragging
  • Interesting: Reveal interesting things that no one else knows about you
  • Impressions: Identify all the positive traits found in each member of your group
  • Attributes: Sleuth out each person's strengths and weaknesses



Get the Kit

Defrost Kit is available through participating meeting spaces. Personalized assistance and consultation on setting up a team-building program using Defrost Kit are available for an additional fee, based upon the specific services requested and time involved.

Hotels and conference centers interested in adding Defrost Kit
to their meeting spaces can call 858-NEED-KIT.




Get Defrost Live!

Unlock everything Defrost Kit has to offer by having one of our professional facilitators lead your next meeting. Our comprehensive Defrost Live! service delivers results anywhere across the U.S.


Make your next event an experience to remember.