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Defrost Kit can help break the ice and get your meeting-goers engaged. Through a professionally designed set of group activities that use fun-yet-thought-provoking cards, Defrost Kit supercharges any type of gathering and brings people together.


Why it Works

Getting away from the stiff, work-structured mindset results in greater collaboration and a more productive meeting experience. Defrost Kit makes it easy and cost-effective for companies and groups of any size to harness the power of team-building in their conferences and meetings—without hiring a facilitator. Instead, they decide when and how to use more than 15 activities to accomplish all of their business objectives.



What comes with each Defrost Kit?

Each Kit includes a set of colorful cards along with tutorial videos and concise, easy-to-follow instructions for more than 15 icebreaker activities.

What can I accomplish with Defrost Kit in my meeting?

Now you can easily accomplish the same results of a hired meeting facilitator. Defrost Kit was designed by professional event facilitators with a decade of experience running innovative activities and icebreakers for teams. Defrost Kit has the expertise of the best and most effective tools. Energize your meeting by engaging participants and getting everyone talking!

Are the words on the cards supposed to match the image on the card?

No! The words are separate from the images and have nothing to do with the image on the card. They are used in select activities as additional options for sharing. When you are asked to use i-cards for the activity, you are looking at the images only. Ignore the words.

How do I get everyone talking and sharing?

It’s easy to facilitate any of the activities. Remind everyone that they will be asked to share the cards they selected to give their answers. If no one volunteers to start, pick someone randomly and ask them to begin! Or simply go around the room. Better yet, you start things off! Remind everyone you are looking for answers that give new and interesting information about themselves. Encourage people to “dig deeper” when giving their answers!

How many ways and times may I use the defrost kit?

You have the defrost kit for the entire day of your meeting! Kick your meeting off with a Defrost Kit icebreaker to build connections. After lunch, get the team talking about their goals or dreams. Late afternoon or end of meeting, debrief the day’s progress and goals. If you would like to use on additional days-please talk to your meeting planner.

What do I do with the kit at the end of the meeting?

Defrost Kit must be returned with all 51 cards to the front desk of the venue. There are surcharges for missing cards and/or kits.

Should we use the DISCUSS questions for each activity?

Absolutely! They are important to continue the dialogues after sharing. Want to build trust and team bonds? Then take it another level. Keep talking! Keep sharing!

The Creation of Defrost Kit

Since 2002, Mary Ann Romano and Teresa V. Kelly have shared a common vision and passion for creating energizing and creative team-building events, programs, and meetings. At the helm of Simple Creations, the two contagiously energetic women developed a dynamic partnership that is focused on making every event and program fresh and unforgettable. Their educational backgrounds and extensive experience with corporate meeting planning lead them to create Defrost Kit. They saw first-hand the need for an easy-to-implement set of do-it-yourself icebreaking activities that groups could easily put to use to increase the efficiency of their events. 


•  It's easy, quick, and simple to use
•  Includes 15 icebreakers and tutorial videos
•  Guaranteed to boost social engagement
•  Great tool for meeting debriefings
•  It’s a breeze to facilitate
•  Designed by professionals

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